ht:a courses

Each of the how to: academia webinars from the first year of the series was re-designed as a stand-alone, self-paced, video course with tons of supplementary materials, templates, and additional resources. Learn more about each ht:a course below.

Introduction to Academic Writing and Publishing Master Course

Want all the mini-courses?
This master course includes all nine mini-courses in one package.

Organizing an Edited Collection

This course is your step-by-step guide to the project management tools you need for a successful edited collection.

Setting & Accomplishing Writing Goals

This course is the ultimate resource for articulating and organizing your writing goals — and then completing them.
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Promoting an Academic Book

This course offers 30+ ideas for how to market and promote your academic book to a range of audiences.

Being a Productive Writer

This course offers strategies you can implement immediately to become more effective and efficient with your writing.

Writing a Book Proposal

This course offers a step-by-step guide to writing a successful book proposal to submit to an academic publisher.

Creating & Maintaining Your Publishing Pipeline

This course offers you tools to create and maintain a scholarly writing pipeline at any career stage.

Designing a Five-Year Publishing Plan

This course offers reflective activities for designing your next five years of scholarship activities, professional development, and skill development.

Juggling Multiple Writing Projects

This course is all about setting up the processes and systems you need to get your writing projects organized and under control.
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Interacting with Journal Editors

This course offers a peek behind the curtain of what’s involved with being a journal editor — and how best to interact with them.